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Sicily travel experience

walking around

Get the opportunity to hang out with our tour guides and learn online about cities history, culture, food, traditions and curiosities.

Essence of Sicily

The best mythological stories of Sicily. What are the best legends and myths of the famous island of the Mediterranean? See the Sicily's facts!

Cycling Trips

Learning to ride. I was one of the last in my group of friends but once I nailed it I was addicted. Cycling down the Weste coast of Sicly is awesome.. Absolutely mental.


Travel Egadi Islands

Left the mooring and hoisted the sail, your sailing experience can beginChoose your holiday from thousands of unique sailing experiences. Get inspired 

Catch the Sunset in mozia

Worth a Visit, especially around Sunset! Nice Views, Museum, Café, Restaurant, boastrip to Mozia. This fascinating itinerary based on Marsala and the island of Mozia. Includes a visit to the Whitaker family house and the historic Florio wine cellars

Combine History with the Flavours of eRICE

These  delicious, crispy fried pastry tubes filled with luscious ricotta cheese cream are perhaps one of Sicily’s best known desserts outside of Italy. Cannoli have come a long way since then, becoming incredibly popular not only throughout Italy.

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