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a full service tour company specialized in providing FIT and group tours. Led by a team of destination experts with extensive experience, which will ensure you get exactly what are you looking for. We can organize tours and excursions with special interests for conferences.


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The Tour Expert is a family run travel website, passion and business. Through our love of travelling and visiting new and interesting places we decided as a family to start up a website sharing our experiences and places we had traveled to and enjoyed.


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Tour Experts Sicily

There are many ways to enjoy travel.
Most Tours ion our site can be had as a small-group tour on which you join like-minded people from all over the world, or the trip can be tailored just for you. We as Tour Organiser, planning tailored trips and tours to discover the beautiful cities of Trapani Province and the whole of Sicily.

You may prefer the camaraderie and affordable price of a small-group tour. Or perhaps you are the kind of traveller who prefers to have a trip custom-made, giving you full control over your itinerary, comfort level and inclusions.
No matter how you travel, with Tour Experts Sicily you will have an unforgettable holiday.

Sicily Experts Tours

Tour Experts Sicily

Our goal is to offer you a unique experience in our tourist locations that will stir emotions and indelible memories for years to come.

Tour Experts Sicily

offers a series of thematic itineraries

, packages and special offers made to order on your request with a selection of ideas to live every moment of your holiday to its full potential.

Book your Tour now You can choose on our we let the experts in luxuy travel Western Sicily at The Tailor hand-craft an authentic & exclusive experience you wll cherish forever. SicilyExpert opffers a unique travel experience everywhere in Sicily or pick a tour, vacation, sailing trip or accommodation selected by one of our local travel expert[/su_box]

Daily tours

Weekly Tours

City Tours

WeekDay Tours

The activities can be personalised depending on the client (individuals or small groups, families, schools, CRAL and other associations etc.) or for specific types of tourism (e.g. for conferences, didactic purposes, religious tourism etc.).

Small group tours are perfect if you:

  • travel alone
  • enjoy travelling with people from around the world
  • are price-conscious


We also offer

“VIP concierge”

support as well as company and motivational events.

Experts Tours Planning. Our in-country specialists will plan your trip to suit you. We all have expert knowledge that comes from living and working here. We advise the best places at the right times and always keeping ahead of the crowds. The interactive map below will help describe some of the main locations that we cover in our …

Exclusive deals with Tour Experts Sicily will let you get the most out of your trip at the best price with unique suggestions regarding the historical, artistic and tradition-filled locations. Visit the city of the Sassi, UNESCO heritage site and European Capital of 2019.

Discover the cultural, artistic and monumental heritage of Western Sicily.
Locations steeped in art, history and traditions.
Extraordinary landscapes like the ancient urban settlement in the Castles  of Erice, where a rich tapestry of visible evidence and testimonies unveils the tangible traces of human presence in a unique architectural backdrop recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Visit museums, archaeological sites and literary parks.
Even the tiny hamlets are guardians of their own artistic treasures inside the churches and historical palaces, in the alleyways and in the squares.

Experience everything Western Sicily has to offer with Tour Experts Sicily and let yourself be guided with our stylised trips, including thematic itineraries and didactic experiences for schools and families.



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