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24 Sep

A Day at the Beach Trapani Western Sicily

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A Day at the Beach Trapani Western Sicily

Visions of summer will eventually lead to a day at the beach. It can be at a lake, the
ocean, or any sandy area you can find but it no matter what it will be a day to remember.

There are many activities that can be done on a beach day, or just go to have fun and
relax. By being prepared for a few different scenarios you are sure to have a great time.

The most important part of beach day is safety. There is water safety – no child should
go into the water alone or without adult supervision. And there is stranger safety, most
beaches are quite crowded on a nice summer day, it is always a good idea to review
stranger safety before going out to a crowded public place.

The standards supplies to bring on any beach day include sunscreen, towels, water, and
pails and shovels. There are more things that you could use and always remember to err
on the side of caution. If you think you might need it and have room, bring it along.

If there isn’t a natural place to be in the shade in the form of a tree, something should be
brought for the children to have a break in. A beach umbrella or a tent for the kids is a
smart choice.


In Trapani beaches, has been activated: qualified personnel at disposal of the guests offering
an ongoing service from 8.30 am to 8 pm (july and august).
The service is very popular with parents, who can rest assured that they are choosing the very best for their children.
They can relax and enjoy their holidays, safe in the knowledge that they can count on a specialist’s expertise.
Indeed Pets can stay healthy and happy too thanks to the veterinary surgery in Trapani.
After all, animals often suffer from heat stroke, itching caused by contact with the sand,
dehydration and other conditions that can ruin holidays for everyone

A Day at the Beach Trapani with Egadistar Apartments Near the Beaches

Children know instinctively how to have fun especially on a beach. Building sandcastles,
digging holes, collecting seashells are all part of traditional beach fun. A beach
scavenger hunt will keep them busy too. Not to mention the swimming. Don’t forget to
keep reapplying the sunscreen and have the children keep on their hats – even in the

A special services, equipment and comfort are designed to meet also the needs of children,
kids and their parents, to provide fun as well as safety, with a constant and thorough maintenance activity.

A Day at the Beach Trapani

The beach may be a once in a summer trip or you may be able to go every week but
either way it will be a summer activity they will fondly remember.

If you are looking for an apartment in Trapani for a holiday with your family or with your friends Egadistar Apartment offers you,

a wide selection of furnished  and  Self-catering Apartments near the beaches

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